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The December  17th at 630pm performance option has been removed for staff preparation purposes. Unreserved seats are now first come first serve.

Thanks for submitting a reservation request!

The Parable Players

The Drama Department of First Pentecostal Church began shortly after Rev. Harvey C. Cantrell became Pastor in 1974. It began under the direction of Pastor and his wife and featured mostly Christmas season productions. Some of the first plays included, The Price Of A Calf, The Fourth Wise Man, A Christmas For Carol, and Holly Days Inn.

Some time after that the church drama department was given the name "Parable Players" and featured such productions as Catacombs, Doors, Asleep In The Light, Jesus of Nazareth, Pap's Place, The Throne, The Towne Without A Tale, John His Story, C.S. Lewis' The Wardrobe alongside many original productions including, Some Are Wolves, The Rich & The Wretched and Silent. 

The group has been privileged on numerous occasions to have been invited to perform at state-wide conventions, camps, and tours up and down the state of California.

Enough cannot be said about the dedication of the cast over the years. Many hours of work, nights spent away from family at rehearsals, time spent memorizing scripts, and most importantly time spent in prayer, dedicating the effort unto the glory of the Lord. The excellence achieved is not from a group of professionals, but ordinary working people who have found real joy in the ministry of drama and have given of themselves to make it all happen for God's glory.

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