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Sunday School

WOW! What a place to be in every Sunday morning to feel the Love of Jesus. That's what happens every Sunday as young children are taught the word of God.

With a highly qualified staff of teachers Sunday School provides a unique and challenging learning experience for all age groups. Classrooms are arrayed in colorful decorations that capture the spirit of the current theme. Teachers are prepared with "hands on" illustrations, biblical storytelling and craft activities to strengthen the message that is communicated to each young heart.

Kid's Power Hour

LIGHTS... MUSIC... ACTION! Kid's Power Hour is a high energy, fun-filled experience of worship and creative teaching. Every Sunday morning the cast takes the stage with fresh material that is presented in a theatrical style. Puppets come to life onstage, the cast arrayed in thematic costume presents live illustrations in drama and song. Theatrical lighting and special effects enhance the feel of each scene and sequence. Kids sing-along is always a hit with the cast joining the kids in the audience to fill the house with praise... kid's style!!

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